Monday, April 14, 2014

best bath towels-Utopia Towels 4 Premium Large Cotton Bath Towels

Utopia Towels 4 Premium Large Cotton Bath Towels is considered to be one of the best bath towels , here are some reviews from amazon site.

  • 1st review -These towels are better than most and would be superior if the density was a little heavier. The size is great and they would be a 5 star in my opinion if the weight was just a little more. I would recommend them because of the value and absorbancy.
  • 2nd review -I was hesitant to order towels online because I could not touch them. The description was complete. I purchased these towels for extra house guests at Christmas. Since then, my husband passed away and these towels have been used again. We had 18 people sleeping and showering here in one house last week. They are perfect and I am so glad I found them online and was brave enough to purchase.
  • 3rd review- These are nice - not like WOW, unbelievably nice, but good quality, fairly thick towels that look like they'll hold up. May have been able to match or beat price slightly locally, but the weather is horrid and didn't want to venture out. Prime free shipping and no tax swung the needle.

Don't know how the colored iterations are (in our house, colored towels are for display purposes only - the actual working towels are always white so they can be bleached and washed scalding hot), but the white ones are fine.- would look at these again if I needed more.

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best bath towels - Pinzon Egyptian Cotton 725-Gram 6-Piece Towel Set

Pinzon Egyptian Cotton 725-Gram 6-Piece Towel Set it is considered to be one of the best bath towels , here are some reviews from amazon site.
First review: As a prolific book reviewer here on Amazon, it's a bit of a departure for me to be reviewing bath towels. What you may not realize is that the towels are an essential book reviewing tool... I read the books in my bathtub. Now you know.

All joking aside, I have to admit that I was very pleased with the quality of the Pike Street towel set. The list price of $130 is absurd, but for $24.95 they're a bargain. The towels are soft and fairly plush. As others have said, they're not luxury towels, but are of a good quality for everyday use, and are much better than what you'd see in an average hotel room. My set are the cream color, and they're a rich, French vanilla of a cream.

So far they've held up superbly to laundering. And my set did not have any hanging threads that others have complained of. However, my favorite thing about these towels is that they really are generously sized. It makes a difference. I usually purchase bath sheets rather than regulation bath towels for my home use, but these bath towels are large enough to wrap myself up in comfortably. Even the wash cloths and hand towels are larger than you'd typically expect, which just gives the towels extra absorbency and utility. For instance, a folded hand towel makes an excellent pillow when reclined in the tub with a best-seller.

second review: I intentionally waited a while in order to write this review. I wanted to see how the towels would hold up over a few washings, how I'd feel about them after they'd been subjected to regular use. I'm pleased - and a little surprised - to say that I like them better a month down the line than I did when I first received them. I find myself more, rather than less, likely to reach for one of them instead of my old favorites.

When the towels were new, I was unsure about two things: they had a kind of funny smell, first of all, a new product smell that didn't tickle my nose the right way. That went away completely after the first washing. Now they smell nice and fresh and like detergent, like towels should. The other thing was the color. The picture doesn't really capture how vivid the green is - it's called pistachio but if I'd been on the naming committee I might have gone with something more like "moss" or "lichen." The green is a little more vivid than what I see on my monitor (monitors vary, so don't take this as a given)- the stock photo is more pastel than the towels themselves (I'm holding one in front of me). I think the color is a pretty vivid one - not so pastel, after all - an acid, spring green with a strong yellow undertone. It's a color that pops, rather than fades. So the color wasn't quite what I expected, but I've grown to love it anyway. It's distinct, complex, and pleasing to the eye.

They provide what I'd call a "brisk" toweling experience. I don't mean that as a euphamism; it's not a criticism at all. I've noticed that towels come in two distinct types. There are towels that are "plush" and others that are "brisk," and higher and lower quality examples of each.
Overall we can consider the Pinzon Egyptian Cotton towel is one of the best bath towel you can buy and fullfill your needs, if you want to get more details you can visit Pinzon egyptian towels on amazon